Estate and Trust Litigation

Comitz | Stanley recognizes that even the most well-intentioned estate plan can result in unexpected conflict and confusion, especially when a will, trust or other estate planning instrument is unclear or inconsistent with previous promises. We realize that often, this conflict and confusion comes at a time when emotional tensions are particularly high.

Navigating this complexity can be challenging, and the potential liability exposure can be daunting, both for those appointed as personal representatives and those who are seeking to challenge the deceased’s estate planning documents. Claims of breach of fiduciary duty, undue influence, financial exploitation, or self-dealing, as well as no-contest clauses can make it hazardous both to carry out and to challenge the decedent’s will, trust and related documents.

We represent clients in a variety of estate-related matters, including will and trust contests, beneficiary disputes, trustee removal, will and trust interpretation disputes, breach of fiduciary duty claims and misappropriation of asset claims. With our comprehensive experience in all manner of estate and trust litigation, we manage each step in the process with both the resolve and sensitivity required to ensure the best possible result for our client.