Eric Harris

 I was involved in a complex, multi-party lawsuit and Ed and Pat delivered the best possible result. They are smart, tough, creative, strategic thinkers and I'm glad I found them. 

Eric Harris, D.D.S.

 Ed's firm is an invaluable resource to our Association's members. Regardless of the matter, I know our members will be well taken care of by this responsive, experienced firm. 

Kevin Earle, M.B.A, M.P.H.
Former Executive Director, AzDA

Karen Godwin-Canulla, M.D.

 When I called Comitz | Stanley, I was so relieved. They took over everything and I felt like a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders.  

Karen Godwin-Canulla, M.D.

 Pat is knowledgeable, personable, and very effective at identifying and mitigating risks. 

Christian Gile
Commercial Real Estate

 I was in a contentious dispute that was escalating fast. Comitz Stanley immediately turned my legal situation around so I could focus on my patients. Pat is smart and effective, and I turn to him for all of my legal questions.  

Pouria Owtad, D.M.D.

 Multiple attorneys (each asserting expertise with disability claims) ill-advised me to wait to come back to them after my claim was terminated. Finally, to my extreme good fortune, I consulted Ed. Instead of waiting for my claim to get terminated, he immediately intervened and blocked my carrier’s execution of what had become a successful formula to defraud claimants of their rightful benefits.  

Catherine Toye, M.D.

Samuel Trego

 Ed's firm had a true desire to gain proficiency in my business, quickly learned how my business operates. and delivered the results I needed. 

Samuel Trego
Former CEO
Imagination Entertainment

 I didn’t have the knowledge or wherewithal to deal with what I may or may not be doing right on my claim, and it was giving me so much stress. They were constantly requesting information, wanting to speak directly with my doctor and I just needed someone to handle this for me. I could not imagine what would have happened if I proceeded without Ed.  

Dan Hoffman, D.D.S.

Terry Roach

 I filed a claim under my disability policy and was receiving significant pushback from my insurer. It was a lot to deal with, and I’m so grateful that Ed stepped in and took the reins on my disability claim. It provided me with the reprieve I needed to focus on my health and move forward with finding new opportunities where I could make a difference.  

Terry Roach, M.Ed., R.K.T.
President, Body Stabilization Training, Inc.

 It was fantastic talking to Ed! He knew my policy’s requirements before I even showed him the policy. After he reviewed my medical records, I really didn’t have to explain my condition, symptoms, what I did for work or why I couldn’t work—he understood everything perfectly and in a very precise and nuanced way.  

James Chipman, D.D.S.

Ted Byers

 After filing, it soon became apparent to me that my insurance company was going to take advantage of the fact that my condition was slowly progressive and that I did not want to undergo a serious surgery. I would have never received payment without Ed.  

Ted Byers, D.D.S.

 Ed did a great job with my claim . . . . He really educated me about the claims process and I realized other professionals needed to hear what I had learned, so I asked Ed to speak to the members of the Arizona Dental Association . . . . He did an incredible job, his presentation was both informative and interesting, so much that we invited him back to speak several times . . . . He is passionate about what he does, and it shows. 

Karen Panietz, D.D.S.

 As the Chief Medical Officer for BCBS-Arizona, I had oversight over 200 employees, many of whom were doctors. Ed's team is great! They know this industry and provide great advice. 

Drue Smethers, M.D.
Former Chief Medical Officer
Blue Cross Blue Shield - Arizona

 Ed and Pat represented me in a particularly contentious lawsuit. They were amazing, and reacted quickly and decisively to new developments. They acted faster than my opponents and put me in the best position to win. 

David Klungvedt
Real Estate Developer

 I can’t thank you enough for your work on my claim and attention to detail. 

Brenda Kuhn, M.D.

 Pat is my go-to for anything legal. He has helped me with countless healthcare contracts, and offers trusted counsel for my practice and consulting business.  

Matthew Wright, M.D., F.A.C.P.

 Ed and Derek helped me through an extremely difficult time . . . . They took over my claim and handled everything, so that I could focus on my family and moving forward with my life. They were very accessible and easy to get a hold of, and really took the time to talk through things with me. It was clear that my claim was a priority to them. 

Collin Bowerman, D.M.D.

 On complex matters involving professional athletes and disability insurance, I turn to Ed Comitz for advice and representation.  

Dana Hooper, Esq.
Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig

 From our first call, it was clear that Ed was extraordinarily knowledgeable about disability claims, that he knew the insurance company’s playbook, and that he knew how to get results.  

Chris Griffin, Esq.
Former Insurance Defense Litigator
Lord, Bissell & Brook


 I head North Star’s disability insurance department. Our independent financial services company has 150 advisors and over 120,000 professional clients. Many of those clients are doctors and dentists who trust us to ensure their future and financial goals are well taken care of in the event of a disabling injury or illness. I’ve given presentations with Ed and we have discussed developments in the industry at length. His industry knowledge is unmatched. 

Chase Brakke
VP of Business Owner Solutions
North Star Resource Group

 I have worked with Pat Stanley for several years on a number of successful practice transitions. Pat understands the business of dentistry, and ensures that the transaction is properly documented and represents the best deal for his client. Pat and I have worked on the same side as well as opposite sides of deals and I always think he does a great job for his clients. I would happily recommend him for your dental industry attorney needs. 

Karl Frye, Frye Practice Sales

 I worked with Pat on the purchase of a practice, and I could not have been happier. He was available whenever I needed to talk, and secured a successful closing and transition. I trust him to help with any legal matter that comes up with my practice. 

Pooja Patel, D.M.D.