Life Insurance Litigation

Dealing with an insurance company can be overwhelming in any situation. The stress of a life insurance claim can be even greater, as the loss of a loved one can make an insured particularly vulnerable, both emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, some life insurance companies take advantage of this vulnerability to break their promises to provide financial security to the insured’s beneficiaries in the event of tragedy.

Some life insurers use the claim process to scrutinize health records, search for discrepancies in the policy application and question the deceased’s character to justify denying benefits to the beneficiaries. Others draw out the claims process unnecessarily, using their economic power to try to force beneficiaries to accept a lower amount than they are contractually entitled to receive.

At Comitz | Stanley, we have helped clients who have been denied benefits under life insurance policies because of alleged misrepresentations in the application, policy lapse, contestability issues and similar claims used by insurance companies to deny benefits. We are experienced in recognizing these and other improper tactics and pursuing insurance companies who have wrongly denied benefits at the time they are needed most.

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