July 26, 2018

Health Care Rounds: De-Mystifying The Business of Healthcare Delivery Systems

The business of healthcare has become increasingly complex over the last ten years, with developments such as the emergence of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), the passage of the Affordable Care Act and present uncertainty over its future, and the accelerated implementation of telemedicine.

Having a better understanding of the business and administrative considerations that go into making healthcare policy and organizational-level decisions can help doctors tailor their practices to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.  However, information on this issue is often hard to find, anecdotal and unreliable.

For healthcare professionals who are interested in credible, relevant information about the business of healthcare and the impact of policy decisions on the delivery of healthcare in Arizona and throughout the United States, there is a new podcast available, Health Care Rounds.  Health Care Rounds was developed by John Marchica, the founder and CEO of Darwin Research Group, which is headquartered in Scottsdale and provides market analytics and data on a number of health care sectors.

Many episodes of Health Care Rounds feature Mr. Marchica interviewing industry leaders on topics such as the pros and cons of ACOs, behavioral economics in the healthcare setting, the home health care market and its importance to the aging Boomer population, and the challenges of running a safety net hospital.  Other episodes involve Mr. Marchica and his team offering Darwin Research Group’s own insight on recent developments, including industry mergers, political developments, and the impact of court decisions on the healthcare landscape.

The podcast comes out on a weekly basis and each episode is presented in a clear, concise manner that is easy to understand and informative.  Therefore, if you are interested in healthcare policy and the real world impact those policy decisions have on healthcare, Health Care Rounds is an excellent resource.